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Five things you’ll miss if you’re not at Type on the Cob 3!

  1. Running a One-Woman Shop, a panel discussion hosted by Lydia Evans of Letterpress by Lydia: The bravery it takes to be any kind of print shop is a unique calling. It is not one to take lightly but it is one to revel in. You are doing what isn’t done anymore. The cynics are right, it is damn hard to make a living doing this, but yes – you do it or want to do it or will do it – with passion, drive, and determination. Why? Because you are a one-person print shop. Join us as this panel of savvy businesswomen discuss the challenges and joys of running a one-person shop, growing out of being a one-person shop, and preserving the value of letterpress while making a living doing the printing you love. —>Moderated by Lydia Evans/Letterpress by Lydia, and featuring Kathryn Hunter/Blackbird Press, Mary Bruno/Bruno Press, May Sorum/Mayday Press, and Nancy Flemm/Pixies and Porcupines. These printers will share their insight on a range of topics – including equipment purchases vs. community presses; daily operations; pricing and selling your work; wholesale vs. retail sales; and growing your business.
  2. NEW CLASS: 4-Up with a Side of Bearers with Marnie Powers- Torrey: Leave your ink balls at home! Marnie, director of the Book Arts Program and Red Butte Press at the University of Utah, will bring the roller and platen bearers to serve up some short-order printing with fine press flair. On an iron handpress, you’ll produce a collaborative booklet that dishes out some post-millenial perspective on the power of the platen. The goal is a sheet printed 4-up, but the emphasis is on press set-up, make-ready, and inking rather than a polished product. No plates—you’ll get your fingers dirty while rediscovering the value of well-set type and a well-balanced platen.

  3. Printers Wall of Wonders: Bring your best work, pin it to the Wall of Wonders, and talk about how you did it!

  4. A silent auction of all sorts of letterpress goodies
  5. A handmade, letterpress-printed notebook, made for you by Iron Heart Workshops!

    Letterpress Notebook

New Class Added!

We’re excited to add a new class to already substantial roster of can’t-miss classes: Print Foraging with Eric Woods from Firecracker Press in St Louis, Missouri! Here’s the description:

Get a bucket or a box and take a moment to walk around town, foraging for things that might be printable: bottlecaps, plants, pieces of wood, trash, etc. Bring your bounty back to the studio, and with normal shop tools, make your finds typehigh and printable. The results can be surprising and the rewards endless!

September is coming soon so register now–classes are filling fast!