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Wednesday, September 27th, time tbd

PRESSING ON! THE LETTERPRESS FILM special screening! Time and theater tbd!

Thursday, September 28th

Friday, September 29th

Saturday, September 30th, at 1:30pm | Meet at Firecracker Press, 2612 N. 14th Street for bus pickup!

Noteworthy and Notorious Women: tour of the historic–and typography-rich–Bellefontaine Cemetery

This tour will highlight some of the notable women laid to rest at the Bellefontaine Cemetery and Arboretum. Virginia Minor, who today is noteworthy for her efforts to secure the right to vote for women, was considered so notorious in her day that no clergy could be secured for her funeral. Getty Cori had few job options in her day, so she took a position which labeled her an assistant to her husband at Washington University. She would go on to become the third woman and the first American woman in history to win the Nobel Prize for science. Learn about many other women who left their mark on history and then made their final resting place Bellefontaine Cemetery. The tour will also explore some names associated with St. Louis’s rich history of the printed word. The tour will be by motor coach will several opportunities to disembark from the bus.

Sunday, October 1